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Well what a Winter we've all been having. Relentless rain, flooding, landslides and total devastation for so many people. Heart breaking to say the least. Thankfully for us, being so high up and all the land being on a slope, all the water just drains off. Actually it gushes in absolute torrents and you have to see the quantity of water to believe it. Our biggest problem is the mud. Trying to push a full wheelbarrow through thick mud is no joke!

Anyway, Christmas came and went, New Year came and went and now its very nearly Spring and we have spring lambs. The 3 Dorset Down girls lambed 2 sets of twins and a single. Sadly one of the lambings needed vet assistance as there was a large ram lamb with his head back causing a problem. It took the vet a fair while to finally straighten him out and delivery, but sadly he had taken on too much fluid and passed away. His twin sister, however, was fine. So we have 3 gimmers and 1 tup lamb from the 3 girls. This little flock will be up for sale in a couple of months. This is because I don't 'show' the sheep anymore and the wool is not something that I want to include in the Yarn business. They are a Rare Breed and so I'll be looking for a RAre Breed enthusiast when the time comes.

The first goat kid has been born too - a male kid who is bouncing around very happily with Mum Jasmine. The next one is due to kid in about 2 weeks and then there might be a little flurry.

We have Wonderwool Wales coming up next month and so I absolutely mush crack on with preparations but there always seems to be something else to distract me! A last minute panic will no doubt ensue.

In January it was time for the Gotlands to be sheared and so they came into a pen in the shed where they've stayed until today, whilst their coats grow back. Today, because the sun is FINALLY shining and the mud is drying up, they got to go back outside for a while.