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Glynelwyn News - 2021


January to February

Glynelwyn snowRain, rain and more rain seems to be the order for this winter, with a little addition of the occasional snow fall. This sort of weather makes it very difficult to carry out so many of the day to day chores and the animals certainly get fed up with it too.

A couple of losses of the older sheep this winter too, which is par for the course sadly when you keep an ageing flock. However the younger ones are all coming along well and we'll be able to shear them for the first time when the weather finally dries out a bit and my shearer has finished lambing his own flock.

We're currently still in lock down but every indication is that the confinement is indeed working. We heard yesterday that there will be a very slight easing of lockdown rules although we still can't open the holiday annexe www.thehideawayholiday.co.uk until at least Easter, but we still have to await confirmation of that in 3 weeks time.

Apart from going to collect animal feed and the vet to pick up supplies, we don't go anywhere or see anyone. However, we look forward to summer and with luck some more re-opening of businesses and events.

Faithmead Berkshire pigsOliver the boar has once again got the luscious Molly May staying with him. She produced a small litter of 5 cracking piglets last time and so decided it was worth giving them both another go. We certainly witnessed them 'in action' on 11th January and nothing since, so hopefully she is once again in-pig. We'll leave her for another few weeks to be sure.

We are currently awaiting goat kids. Manuka and Peony are both due next week and then Lyra in early March. Only 4 in total this year and I'm really pleased that I decided to reduce the numbers especially because of the appalling weather. However, seeing new goat kids appear is a wonderful experience especially as we no longer lambing the sheep.

Nothing much else to report.

Stay safe and well everyone and catch up again in the Spring.




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