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Glynelwyn News - 2022


January to June

I don't even know where the last couple of years have gone and I think its best to probably just forget them and move on, don't you?

So, we're still here and all the animals are still here other than a few which will have passed on, one way or another. Shearing happened early this year as I was slightly panicky with the sudden hot spell in the Spring, that the fly strike would hit early and worse still, if it hit whilst we were away on one of our Agility weekends (which are now happily back in full swing). Anyway, the weather decided that being hot in the Spring meant it could about turn and come back pretty chilly for the early part of the summer. Heyho, all the sheep had enough growth back and so were absolutely fine.

We only had 3 goat kids this year. With a new young buck in, who came to us at the end of last summer as a kid, he covered the 4 Does that I gave him and 3 of them produced singles. 2 girls and 1 boy. Both girls have gone to breeding/showing homes and the boy went as a pet to a nearby farming friend who has a collection of pet livestock animals, which not only she enjoys, but her grandchildren do too.

The sheep wool/yarn side has been rather quiet, but we trundle along and each time an order comes in, it feels like winning the lottery, just knowing people are still looking and wanting to buy 'Wool with Provenance'. We haven't been to any Agricultural Shows with fleeces for the past 2 years, but am hoping the local Pembrokeshire County Show will be holding a British Wool Fleece competition again this year, fingers crossed.

As well as human lockdown, the poor poultry have been on lock down too due to another outbreak of Bird flu. They are now free again, but there are still cases popping up from time to time.

We currently have a litter of 7 Berkshire piglets born early May and this is the first litter since December 2019. Both of the Sows from then on failed to either take or hold a pregnancy and so our Berkshire meat porkers have been coming from another breeder in order to keep us and our customers going with lush free range, outdoor reared Rare breed pork. We also had the very sad loss of our wonderful Berkshire Boar Oliver, who suddenly lost the use of his back legs last October and had to be PTS here on the farm. Just before this happened, we'd managed to acquire another very rare blood line from a breeder in Yorkshire and Clarissa joined us back in the Autumn. Not know whether Oliver had managed to cover her or not before we lost him, we had to sit back and wait to see if she was in-pig. AFter a couple of months it looked like she was still empty and so we borrowed 'Monty' from the same Berkshire breeder friend and they seemed to rather like each other with the result of a successful litter in May. When these are weaned, we'll put Clarissa back to another borrowed boar and I'm really hoping we'll be able to use one of our late 'Oliver's' sons and then carry on 2 very rare blood lines for future breeding herds.

We currently have 3 Border Collies with Pip still as bonkers as ever, Tig well into her Agility training and competing now and a new 'pup' who joined us last November, called Dash. She is half Sister to Tig but are as different as chalk from cheese. They are an absolute delight and my doggy world is now complete.

Derek took over the polytunnel last year and we had lots of vegetables and salad from the tunnel both last year and this year's crop is looking pretty good too, although we still have more salad plants to add.

The Hideaway holiday annexe was full to bursting last year when rules allowed, although this year its a little on the quiet side. It would appear a lot of people feel the call of abroad, although with he airlines struggling to re-staff, I'm not sure it was a wise decision. However, we still have plenty of weeks available this summer, if you need a break www.thehideawayholiday.co.uk

That's about it for now and I'll try not to leave it as long for the next update, but rest assured, the Glynelwyn Smallholding is still very much alive and kicking. Facebook is generally the place I put most of the day to day updates, so do follow up on there as well.

Catch up with you all again soon.





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