Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Autumn 2008


Hywel, our new Ryeland ram              "You kids OK?"          


Gloucester Old Spot, before ......        ....and after                         Home cured bacon      



Homemade Goats cheese and chives     ..... more carrots                Fungii ........ or Fairies?!!        



Out foraging                     .... and end result!



End of another day



Another tractor to try out     They seem to be getting bigger!



    New chicken shed going up            Feeding time                    New chicks allowed out!       



Our meat birds in new home    Our Anglo-Nubian goat out with the chickens



Our Anglo-Nubian goat out with the chickens  Line of Pig Arks                   


Happy Grazing



Halloween ..... then Pumpkin soup!!



Ryland ewes in lamb, ...... plus A N Other?!!


Soda bread made with our own goats yoghurt



'Daisy' our Berkshire sow has a litter of 9



A week later and they venture out


Our new flock of Lleyn sheep