Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2008




Relaxing by the stream





Garden Views



Strawberries and Beans from the polytunnel, Lettuces and Broad Beans, Cauliflower seedlings             



Planting Runner Beans         ..... and Broad Beans              ....... and Potatoes        



..... and Pig Baskets



We discover a cold frame


........ and a Fruit Garden



Chickens in tractor shed                                                   and checking their new homes



Geese and chickens have settled in                                       Free Range Eggs 'For Sale'



Pigs temporary home in the stables



Tash showing where the new fencing is to go!



Getting ready for the pigs new homes





.... and 'Over the Gate'



The first of the gang go 'free range' at last



Barley and Marble, our Kune Kune pets and Clover our Gloucester Old Spot gilt



..... and Next to follow is 'Corky', our Gloucester Old Spot sow



..... closely followed by 'Daisy', our Berkshire sow



..... and who gets splashed in something very smelly?



..... and 'Under the Gate'!!      .... now 'Over the Gate'!!    



                Our sheep finally arrive  GOS boar, 'Quaker', arrives for a 'holiday'!



Dominique Bantams 3 weeks     6 Light Sussex 6 Welsummers



Grass being cut and turned .....



..... and rowed and baled


Dry curing our own bacon



      Meanwhile, In the polytunnel      Indian Runners posing!    Jan, our Anglo Nubian milking goat