Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2008


A 'takeaway for Tash - our Tonkinese cat, Fitz!     Santas Helper!                     



Kitty, one of our farm cats riding a motorbike and taking it easy!


Our Sasso birds ready for the freezer


Winter in Wales!



   OK for the Ducks?                .... but no Pigs!                       .... or Chickens         



Food lures the Pigs out!               Any captions?!!!         


More snow in the New Year



Fun for the Horses                Now for some hay!   



Snow on the Preseli Hills



Holly and Tash and Snowman!               Icicles                              Picture Postcard?          



Feeding Time                      All lined up   



         Sun and Fog on the Preseli's                                   Over the Pig Ark



Tash on the Lookout                                                             More sunsets at last









...... going                                             GONE!


Spring on it's way?


..... and more sunsets!


'Tomas', our borrowed Anglo Nubian 'Billy'



"Dig in girls, whilst his back's turned - This bit right in the middle is the best bit"



                  "Yummy            Oops, I'm in trouble now - he's back"