Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2009


Summer and the garden is blossoming



Down at the polytunnel ....watering in earnest





.... and the plants are in full swing


Soon need some more signs!


Sheep in for shearing (note the sofa in the background, luxury!)



    Here's how it's done                                                                Now your turn!       



Looks easy till ewe try it!



....... and now the grass has a short back and sides!



Anglo Nubian Triplets born today



All doing fine!


Gertrude has a rest after her journey to us



From this ......                        ..... to this

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Kids get out and about



Tash rounding up!


Free range geese



Rainbow over the Preseli's          Another Preseli view      





Old Spot litter                                                                      Old Spot piglet



Holly, Tash and Fitz                       Fitz surfing!      



First field cut                      ..... and turned                          ..... and rowed


..... and baled



Coloured Ryeland Shearlings               Hard at Work!