Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2010






Our first lamb this year - a coloured Ryeland ewe



..... closely followed by our first Lleyn triplets


Birds Eye view in the lambing shed



... and more on the way, single



.........  twins,                        and more triplets



The first lambs are put out



     and 4th on the podium!!!!                                       one suckles while the other has a rest



The first of the triplets go out                                                       Where's Mum?          


The coloured Ryeland has a lick



Sorting out who belongs to who!



A new delivery back in the shed



The coloured Ryeland trying on a beard!



In a rut?!                              Tyred out!



Let's play in the feeder


Three into two!



    Wake up Mum                 Coloured Ryeland lamb



Up to mischief ........  Kings of the Castle



Feeding Time                          Sunbathing                          I'm not moving



Check out the new creche


Topping Up



Sheltering in the feeder



More fun on top of the haylage bale


Finally the last lambing







..... and the spring bulbs are also a welcome sight



Tash helping out!



...... a change from sheep, a litter of Gloucester Old Spot piglets



.......... and now our latest addition, Bacchus, our new 'Billy'



and Jan, soon to kid in May


Out fertilizing



Latest litter of Gloucester Old Spots





Dela has triplets


... and Bacchus looks on