Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2010


Skep making                      Basket in progress



Laddie and Candy                   Cello and Shanti



All busy in the polytunnel


Tash exploring



Luvly gooseberries!                 ......... and plums



Looking forward to these apples



Shrubs are doing fine


Another sunset



Swallows fledging in the old barn



Farmer and sheep gardening!



Apples still doing fine



Gertie and Spotty lazing in the sun


Daisy - in pig



Molly, our Middle White sow - in pig


Goose Egg?



Goats cheese and chives             Our own Goats cheese and blackcurrant cheescake      



Our own Roast lamb, before and after


More shrubs in bloom



     At last cutting grass for haylage                                            Looking good after turning        



Sitting down and suckling



..... and just staying awake!                   Molly and Litter taking a well deserved rest             



1 Day old



2 days old at the milk bar!



2 days old at the milk bar!


Apologies for these haylage photos,
......... but they mean so much to us..










We feel so lucky to be looking at more hay/haylage
this late in the season










Molly our Middle White Sow and Piglets





It's all so exhausting!



    Two new Indian Runners            Five Pekin Bantams         



      Down the lane and home     Home produced lamb for the pot!