Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2011


Daffodils, Crocuses and Snowdrops heralding Spring at last



Spotty, one of our GOS sows with her day old litter of  11





2 days old and exploring!


Greyface Dartmoor lamb at 2 weeks



One of our crossbbreds has first one ...................... then another



New field shelter going up for lambs



Gloucester Old Spot piglets at 9 days



Crossbred lamb not yet 1 day old      Another crossbred lamb goes outside



Spring and Hebe, our Anglo Nubian kids



 Daffs and Snowdrops everywhere    ...... Primroses too                 



................. and of course more daffodils



One of our crossbreds has one, two and then three for our first triplets this year



The first batch of lambs go outside





Testing out the new field shelter!



Greyface Dartomoor having a rest   Ryeland ewe and triplets         



Coloured Ryeland has one ewe and one ram lamb



Ryeland lamb enjoying the sun



More sunbathing                      and more sunsets  



Della, one of our Anglo Nubian goats has triplets



Feeding time



Ryeland ram lamb               Dartmoor twin lambs                Ryeland twin lambs   



A whole batch of lambs relaxing in the sun


Greyface Dartmoor lamb with coloured Ryeland in background



Coloured Ryeland lamb





A welcome break from lambing!



Back to lambs - lazing in the springtime sun


Sorry ..... more lambs!




Spring blooms and green buds everywhere




The prickly blackthorn puts on a wonderful display



Bluebells and Bugs and Solomons Seal in the hedgerow


Another sunset



Two 'Molly' lambs sharing a bottle  Two GOS piglets sharing a drink


Our last ewe to lamb



Coloured Ryeland lambs



Now ewe see me, now ewe don't!



...... more lambs!



Our last Ryeland lamb              Greyface Dartmoor                    ..... and lamb       



Berkshire and GOS piglets


Feed time for the horses



Two pet hates, bracken and dandelions!



Lambs and ewes taking it easy



       Fruit trees in flower                                                 Gooseberries will soon be ready



Greyface Dartmoor ewe and lamb go to summer grazing


Another beautiful evening sky



Blue and White Bells?            Rhododendron beauty



More colour in the lane



First swallows of Spring



Plymouth Barred Rock cockerel         Lavender Pekin hen                          Maran                



Brahma                           Poland bantam



Guinea Fowl



Seeds sprouting in the polytunnel


Swallows are nesting in every available building



A Ryeland 'Molly' lamb with  Welsh mountain for a mate


Jeni our new Anglo Nubian milker





Our new netting tunnel to try and stop caterpillar invasions!