Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2011

Our 4th Christmas at Glyn Elwyn



Christmas Fayre




New Year 2012



Jeni with 2 kids born this morning





Less than a week old, but growing fast





GOS piglets just born


Portent of frost in the morning!


Finding time for baking bread?!



Lazing in the welcome sunshine



First snow ......... but already melting



First lamb, a Greyface Dartmoor ram followed by twins, a ram and a ewe



Greyface Dartmoor twins



Four of our Rams, Ryeland, Coloured Ryeland and two Greyface Dartmoors



This litter of GOS piglets are having a lie in





........ but not for long!





'Orpheus' our last Anglo-Nubian goat kid on photo shoot!



Our geese find some thawed water!



Greyface Dartmoor ewe lamb



Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs


Everything has to be investigated!



After an early start followed by snow, these daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops are still surviving




More signs of Spring, bulbs everywhere and a chance to prune the raspberries





Ryeland twin lambs



A second lamb to our crossbred after 7 hours!



Greyface Dartmoor ewe lanb



Coloured Ryeland twin lambs





More Coloured Ryeland lambs



...... and back to the garden!



Our Middle White sow, Mollie with Billy, her visiting 'husband'



First of the Greyface Dartmoors goes across to their spring fields .........



........  followed by number 2



Lambs on the right leaping with joy!



More signs of Spring



Great to see the hedgerow coming to life



Lambs, chickens and piglets


Lovely to see a beautiful sunset again