Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Autumn 2012


Chance for another cut?





Now working with two different cuts!


Rowing up for another baling run



Weather fine and glorious sunsets



A successful baling



All wrapped and safe



More tedding and yet another cut!


A colourful break from haymaking!



Yet more fledgling swallows



Last lot of baling!



Little tractor versus big tractor!!


Beautiful evening skies



.... and sunsets



...... and rainbows


The latest litter of Berkshire piglets all at the can't stay still stage!





These piglets are just over 2 weeks old now



Sun shining through the trees and pot plants still doing well



Autumn sunshine down the lane


Animals congregating at feeding time



Goats, pigs and chickens ......



........ and sheep



Autumn morning light            ........ and evening skies



         Greyface Dartmoor             Assortment of ram lambs      



Coloured Ryelands and Greyface Dartmoor ewe lambs


Autumn leaves down the lane





Welcome sunshine


His Masters Voice?!



Rainbows and autumn showers



Autumn light



Found on the bookshelf



Contented cat


Halloween lights



Red skies in the morning!



Zwartble sheep helping out at feeding time!



....... more Zwartbles feeding again



Christmas Turkeys free ranging



Ewe can all help!



Tash and Holly after a hard days work


...... and Fitz exploring yet another box


Red Kites in abundance at this time of year



These two are out hunting