Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2012


Coloured Ryeland ewe and lambs


More Spring colour







Spring crocuses


.... and weather good enough to start some muckspreading!



Anglo-Nubian goat kids born today


Another new born Anglo-Nubian goat kid


Ryeland twin lambs


Sunshine and Showers





Greyface Dartmoor lambs enjoying the sun



Coloured Ryeland lambs taking it easy after all their leaping around playing 'chase'!


Can't resist the Spring bulbs



Looks like a Nuthatch is going to take over from the Bluetits in this box


Daffodils flourishing everywhere



... this coloured Ryeland lamb comes running



.... to get it's top up



... they're the best of pals!


Daffodils at dusk


Greyface Dartmoor rams



Berkshire litter born today



Snow on top of Preseli Hills!! .......  followed by sunset .......   and then sunshine appearing



Our last of this year - a Zwartble X lamb


Lambs sheltering from the rain


Primroses in the lane




Berkshire litter 10 days old





Two favourite lambs!



Checking up on some of the sheep



Here is a young Welsh Mountain sheep



Zwartble X with white lamb


Zwartble X with black lamb





Another batch of ewes and lambs transported to new grazing



Our latest Anglo-Nubian goat kids born today


this one 3 days later



Day old Sasso meat birds arrive



Not a Cuckoo in the nest, but a Duck!


All dashing about for food and water!





Swallows back again this year



Birds nesting everywhere ....   you can just see this chaffinch's eyes in this one


Plum blossom




More photos down the lane late May





Pink, mauve and white flowers predominate the hedgrerows at the moment





.. and even the bracken puts on a show







The first foxgloves flowering