Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2012




Gazebo goes up for the Summer





The garden is really coming to life with the approach of Summer







The ducks enjoying the sunny weather





..... and the lane never fails to put on a show





Foxgloves looking gorgeous


These chaffinches will fledge very soon


... and these Berkshire piglets are due to go outdoors





More garden flowers



Tash drying off!!



More foxgloves lining the fields


Magnificient Sycamore tree





In flight feeding



Another bumber crop of gooseberries this year



Running the sheep through the foot dip


Hope the colour in the sky is a portent of better weather!


At last we start our haylage













Time to appreciate the hedgerows





..... and the gardens



...... and the sunsets



The goats pushing the boundaries!





Rowing up





.... and all safely baled



..... and stacked ready for the Winter



If the big boys can do it, so can we!!


More hardcore going down behind the shed


Cardigan Show on a very wet and windy day



Fouth place to start



..... followed by a second



...... and at last a first!


Still looks grey over Cardigan Bay


Nevern Show and a bit drier this time!





First one in




..... and the second one



.... and last but not least




Clouds lifting as the day warms up



A few more rosettes to brighten up the dresser


Starting to cut for haylage





.... and turning






..... and baling




..... finally wrapping


Pembrokeshire County Show



We bring fleeces and Greyface Dartmoor sheep to county show





In with a large class of assorted British Lowland sheep





A smaller class and a welcome 3rd place!



Another assorted class





Good results from our fleeces



Merlin, a mate for Molly, our Middle white sow



Farm cat .......................................... and house cat


Pekin Bantam cockerel


Cynwyl Elfed Show

on a really wet and windy day!



Greyface Dartmoor ram



Coloured Ryeland ram up against a Blueface Leicesater



Greyface Dartmoor ewe


At least the sheep have some shelter!