Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2012

This makes a good sleeping basket!


Berkshire piglets


1 day old





3 days old



Bacchus and Jemini at feed time


..... and feeding time for the sheep





A mixture



Greyface Dartmoors





and Zwartbles all in a line!


Looking forward to Christmas



Yule log and felted snowman



     Anglo-Nubian goat kid born today       .... and 1 day old                 


Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs newborn








Snow arrives in January





The lane is very quiet



The sheep have their feed available in the snow



Most of the Blackbirds, Robins, Sparrows etc. are inside various sheds, barns and outbuidings





Incredible transformations of hedges



...... and buildings and fences


Icicles getting longer and longer on this outbuilding







Snow makes getting feed to sheep a priority



Ryelands busy feeding, this Greyface Dartmoor posing with her ice necklace!


So beautiful, or maybe snow beautiful?


Pigs enjoying some sunshine in the snow



Zwartble and Greyface Dartmoor Sheep


.... and yet more snow falling again today!!







       Feeding the sheep has is a priority                             These ewes and lambs snug in the shelter   


Robin posing for a photo




As the light fails, the snow continues


Sheep are brought in for lambing





Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs



                 Crossbred lamb        Friendly Greyface Dartmoor ewe


The first lambs go out with the Tegs





Greyface Dartmoor lambs



White and Coloured Ryelands


Greyface Dartmoor lambs playing 'King of the Castle'






Middle White litter



Born today                            1 day old


More lambs



Lambs playing outdoors



Coloured Ryeland lamb


Snowdrops just showing



Daffs flowering indoors


Gloucester Old Spot litter


An hour or so old





Less than a day old


At last sunsets after the rain


Greyface Dartmoor





Newly born lamb



..... and another                        ..... and another                      ..... and another         



Twin Ryelands needed a little bit of extra help with the heat lamp - but this Dartmoor was enjoying the sun



More Greyface Dartmoor lambs



        Greyface Dartmoor ........  and twin Zwartexmoor....one black and one white



First crocuses


Molly our Middle White sow and piglets