Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Autumn 2013


Amazing sunsets




Early morning mist rising



Heather takes her Berkshire piglets out for the first time


Tom, Thumbelina's friend!


About time these swallows fledged!!


Home made Cider Cake


Black and White


This little duckling getting bigger every day





Here come the misfits and their gang



Greyface Dartmoor and Zwartble rams



Autumn colours


.... more evening skies





Ryelands with 'Faithmead Shaun' tup


Zwartbles with 'Avatar' tup



Greyface Dartmoors with 'Faithmead Ashwood'


Greyface Dartmoor ewe lambs


'The Misfits' and the rest







September evening skies


Fairy house?



Rabbit in the lane


Twin Gotlands


Lumberjack Cake



Christmas Turkeys!


Horse looking after sheep?





Roses still in bud




Still more autumn colours



Spiders webs of gorse!



'Billy' the Middle White boar



Pekin Bantams and Barbu D'uccles


Two Anglo-Nubian billy goats



Mixed colours feeding



Greyface Dartmoor ewes


These lambs waiting for their feed



Tash wanting to work


..... more sunsets



Zwartble ewes out with the ram


Picking acorns


Looking forward to this bread pudding!



Worn out dogs!


Christmas puds already made!


These lambs have dinner in the dry!



Greyface Dartmoor ewes and ram "Ashwood"



Ryeland and Zwartble ewes


Zwartble ewe


Full moon



Evening skies



Views towards the Preseli Hills


Inquisitive Ram lambs



Free range Turkeys


Feed time for Berkshire weaners


.... and another breakfast treat!