Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Autumn 2014

Log store ready for Winter



Bottom Biting Berkshires


It wasn't us!!



Photo finish as goats race back at feed time




Four fledgling swallows


This one needed some help to leave







Fledglings still like coming indoors


Christmas turkeys free ranging


Clear blue skies



              Smallholders breakfast!                 Blackberry, Raspberry and Apple pie for later


Fitz finds a sunny spot



Swallow fledglings still hanging aound


Swallows getting ready for their long flight



Another amazing sunset


Summer or should it be Autumn pudding



Somerset Cider Cake .... before and after cooking


Dottie, our Middle White sow, and her new mate, Dan, snuggle up together


Lovely weather and beautiful sunsets continue


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Dylan's Birthday Walk


We treat ourselves to another cooked breakfast
to last us through the day



   Corriedale                                            Gotland cross


Inquisitve Gotland






Quad through the trees


Full moon through the trees



Burning sunsets



'Lumberjack' Cake looking good enough to eat!



Sausage making time



         'Tuppy' - Greyface Dartmoor ram       'Shanti' - Dartmoor hill pony







Assorted breeds at feeding time


Dorset Down ewes



'Archie' - Zwartble ram





Rainbow in our fields



Autumn berries



Unusual colours on this Greyface Dartmoor


Late night feed for these Gotlands!





'Hermes' - a young Anglo-Nubian billy kid


Flowers in unusual places


Home made Christmas Tree



Wonderful crackling on our home reared pork



Local pheasant roasted in red wine with home cured bacon



Home made fudge and Christmas Puds



More sunsets



Tash and a scruffy Holly