Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2014


Zwartble Cross lambs



Day old Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Another home reared breakfast!




Ryeland lamb



Anglo-Nubian goat kid







Lambs in the creche



Zwartble Cross lambs


Coloured lamb to White Ryeland



Anglo-Nubian goat kid


Another Anglo-Nubian goat kid





Lemon Sablepoots and Barbu D'uccles



Guinea Fowl roof decoration!


GOS weaner waiting for breakfast



Settled evening sky at last





Newborn Anglo-Nubian twin goat kids


Anglo-Nubian goat kid


Black lamb to White Ryeland ewe



Twin lambs to Texel Cross ewe



Anglo-Nubian goat kid





More chickens



Greyface Dartmoors out in field







Suffolk Cross lambs enjoying the sunshine




Zwartble Cross lambs





Lambs just having fun


Tash, our border collie


Closeup on snowdrops




This Dartmoor/Ryeland Cross lamb thinks the feedbowl makes a perfect bed!





Twin Zwartble lambs born this morning



Large Zwartble ewe lamb born this afternoon


Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Crocuses and daffodils in the sunshine



........ and Daffs indoors


Contented lamb


Anglo-Nubian goat kid looking up to Mum



Chickens enjoying the sunshine







More signs of Spring






Down the Lane



In the garden


Greyface Dartmoor lamb snuggling up to Mum


Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Ryeland and Greyface Dartmoor Tups







The 'Misfits'



Down to the stream



Ryeland black and white lambs and Zwartble lambs lazing in the sun



Nuthatch preparing the nestbox





Sunset over the Preseli Hills



In the Garden






Another wonderful sunset



Molly goat and lamb best of mates





A new arrival 'Dolly' Middle White sow



Molly lamb in the Summer House


Spring on the table




Middle White Litter born today





..... and still waiting for more to come!!




Final litter was 16!!


'Belle', Berkshire sow soon to farrow



Molly mates in the ring feeder and on the milk feeder



More signs of Spring





Zwartble cross lambs


Zwartble ewe and lamb



Spot the odd one out



Greyface Dartmoor lamb tired out


Mum looks on



Anglo-Nubian goats out to play


The sheep look on




Catkin blossom



Distant view of smallholding before leaves appear



Blueface Leicester and Gotland tegs


Zwartble ram


Ryeland and Greyface Dartmoor rams



The Swallows are back





Greyface Dartmoor lambs


A breakfast treat!



Heads down in new pasture



More stunning sunsets





First Gotland lambs born here - triplets


Next Gotland to lamb


Greyface Dartmoor ewe and lamb



Berkshire litter 2 days old


Midddle White litter doing well


Brave crow takes on this Red Kite




...... and the Red Kite carries on hunting ....




A tour round the garden!


Sweet Peas planted



More planting in the polytunnel


Looking down to the Summer House



Fruit garden coming alive



A few flowers on the way



Tash always in attendance!


Maisie being hand fed!





Swallows lining up looking for their nest sites


Jenny Wren


..... and we have a new sign



Anglo-Nubian goats out to play


These Gloucester Old Spots having an ugly face competition!






Spring blooms


Gang of Ryelands


Coloured Ryeland lamb


Zwartble ewe and lamb



Greyface Dartmoor ewe and assorted lambs!



Garden plants


Hedgerows truly coming to life




Looking forward to harvesting these wild strawberries





These tiny flowers are truly beautiful



Solomons Seal starting to flower



Emerging growth


Foxgloves on the way


New colour in the hedge


Middle White litter in a rugby scrum for a piece of turf!







Breakfast with uninterrupted views of the Preseli Hills


Rhododendron blooms





Walk down the lane





.... and into the West Field







... and back home



Into the fruit garden


Looking forward to these plums!!



Laburnum in full bloom



Tash as ever waiting for us to throw something!



Bee in the Laburnum



Greyface Dartmoors at St Clears Show