Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2014



The lane still full of colour





Garden in bloom too



Middle White piglets weaned



Surprise Gotland/GFD lamb born in field



Brought inside and all safe and sound


Hay field looking good



Berkshire piglets have foung a new mate!



This robins nest with young tucked away at top of cupboard in workshop







Tour round part of the garden



Rhubarb doing well



Foxgloves now flowering in the lane






Our last fledgling robin



New arrival, 'Fern' a Berkshire gilt



Fieldmouse come to visit!




Beautiful crab salad dinner in the garden



Colourful grass seeds and incredible perfumed wild rose



Tash having a rest





Shearing being done at last!



Evening moon rising



Newly shorn sheep enjoying the sun





The rams prefer resting in the shade



Young fledgling Swallow joins pegs on the washing line!





First field cut



Happy shorn sheep with lambs



         Zwartble/Texel cross                                       Zwartble                                                     Gotland


Heather one of our Berkshire sows soon to farrow



Zwartble/Cross lambs


The goats go out to enjoy the sunshine






These goat kids having fun



Horses taking it easy in between grazing



Berkshire sow and piglet                                Middle White piglets 



First bales of hay come in


Tash admiring the view (of sheep!!)



A wonderful bake-off!



Garden blooms




Heather giving birth to her litter



First field baled and stacked


Fitz helping out on the internet


Zwartble ewe waiting to go out


New ducks have arrived



Berkshire litter looking cosy



                                       Group of Gotlands                                                               Greyface Dartmoor ram






Polytunnel now providing our veg.


New Anglo-Nubian goat


Spot the odd one out!






More garden blooms




Gooseberry Pie


Wild strawberries on breakfast cereal



Chicken and leek pie with home grown chicken



Greyface Dartmoor fleece



Glynelwyn from the lane



Garden colour


Anglo-Nubian goat kid


Berkshire piglets



New arrival - Zwartble ram



and more new additions to Zwartble flock



Unusual coloured Greyface Dartmoor lamb





Anglo-Nubian kid out with Mum for the first time







More garden colour .


Acrobatic crabs?!!



Cutting next hay field


.... and first turning





Baling and wrapping





Haylage and hay being stacked safely in the shed


Cardigan Show 2014

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Greyface Dartmoors at Cardigan Show




Home produced sausage and bacon                      Home reared Roast Pork      


Greyface Dartmoor ewe and lamb



Greyface Dartmoor/Ryeland lambs


'Thumbelina' Ryeland shearling



Zwartble ewe





Assorted sheep enjoying the sun



Zwartble and Greyface Dartmoor rams


Free range Sasso Meat Birds





Red Kite soaring overhead







Berkshire piglets out to play



Cloudy views





'Dylan' Greyface Dartmoor ram lamb



Greyface Dartmoor rams sheltering in the shade



Greyface Dartmoor youngsters and unusual coloured variety







More Greyface Dartmoor sheep


Zwartble rams



Anglo-Nubian goats out browsing



Colour in the garden


'Holly' our elderly Lab/Collie cross


Robin checking out our sign


At the duck pond


Lampeter Show 2014

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Greyface Dartmoors at Lampeter Show




Sunsets back this evening



Last field cut and first turn



Rowing up


Pembrokeshire Show 2014

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Greyface Dartmoors at Pembrokeshire Show




.... and baling the last field



All safely stacked





Goats having a feast on chopped branches


Time to start preparing winter fuel



Colour on the Preseli Hills





Our new Berkshire sow, 'Fern', has her first litter



This should be the last Swallow fledglings till next year


Masses of rosehips this year



             Dorset Downs                                    Gotland and Gotland Cross