Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2014


From fried breakfast .....



..... to delicious cakes





Starlings getting ready for their murmurations?


Our first lamb - a Dorset Down ewe




Scanning the remaining ewes





Christmas Yule Log in preparation and finished product ...... Yum


...... followed by suausge rolls with our own pork sausage meat


In the Christmas spirit!


Time to prepare this home reared Nofolk Bronze turkey



Decorations and pressies start appearing



Christmas morning breakfast - Local smoked salmon and our own scrambled duck eggs




Tree decorations



Time for opening more pressies



 ..... all done !! 


Elve's door !!



Roasted turkey and Christmas dinner served



Sunshine and Snow on the Preseli Hills



Gotland ram



Corriedale ram






Dorset Down lamb out in the sunshine



Mixture of Gotland, Ryeland and Dorset Down ewes



Full moon in clear sky


Holly not happy sharing with Fitz!



Feeding horses in the snow



In lamb ewes waiting their turn



Ewes can't wait for feeder to be refilled


Corriedale ewe at feeder


Greyface Dartmoor ewe



Greyface Dartmoor ewe loves the 'lick' bucket


'Dottie' Middle White sow mid-munch!


Gang of Amglo=Nubian goatlings



Anglo-Nubian billy goatling



'Coloured' Greyface Dartmoor                               Gotland ewes


Felted slippers



New addition of Wensleydales



Dorset Down lamb



Tiny Ryeland pet!



Anglo-Nubian goat kids born today


Twins at 3 days old



.... and now we have Anglo-Nubian triplets





A proper Winter's scene



Moon rising through trees


Morning light on the Preseli Hills


Evening skies


First bale of last year's haylage opened



Some of our 'misfits' and a Dorset Down ewe lamb nestling inside the feeder



Going, Going, Gone







Two Anglo-Nubian Mums, one with triplets, the other with twins. First time outside for the kids



Home reared roast pork and wonderful crackling!



Tyred Anglo-Nubian triplets!


Anglo-Nubian twins having a rest



Felted Greyface Dartmoor!





Early Spring colour



Goats recycling our Christmas Tree!





The goat kids love playing in the tractor tyres







Anglo-Nubian goat kids enjoying the Spring sunshine      



First lamb of the year - a Zwartble cross ewe