Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2015


It's lambing time again!


First lamb of the year - a Zwartble cross ewe





Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs



Another Zwartble cross ewe lamb



Zwartble cross twin lambs



Suffolk cross twin lambs





Feeding time


Spring blooms


Happy St Davids Day


First primroses







More Snowdrops



...... and Crocuses


and back to Lambs!



Greyface Dartmoor twins



Zwartble twin ewe lambs





More Zwartble lambs



Suffolk cross lamb



Zwartble lamb



A close inspection?!!





Zwartble twins


Greyface Dartmoor lamb





Yet more Zwartble lambs



and more Suffolk cross lambs





Ewes waiting their turn to lamb



Greyface Dartmoor ewe and lambs



Cute snaps of cheeky Greyface Dartmoor lamb



....... and outside an Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Salmon Faverolle chickens






Greyface Dartmoors





.... and this Gotland ewe stealing some straw through the 'gate'


Spring in the garden





More Spring colour


Spring Lambs



Dorset Down ewe and lamb





Lambs first time out in the big field





Zwartble ewe and twin lambs go out


Down the lane





Down the lane - Daffodils in flower in the hedgerow



..... and Snowdrops


Lambing continues



Zwartble ewe lamb born early this morning



Greyface Dartmoor ewes and lambs



Friendly Zwartble lamb follows you everywhere!



Zwartble twin lambs



Gotland ewe and lamb                                Gotland ewe still to lamb


Anglo Nubian Goats




Goat kids out to play



Anglo-Nubian goats looking for their feed!



This kid is inquisitive





Making the most of the sheep feeder




Fun time chasing around





All meeting up around the feeder







Lambs all chilling out!



Zwartble ewe and lambs



Gotland lambs look comfy!



Lambs making good use of the creep feeder



Greyface Dartmoor lamb                               Dorset Down lamb





Zwartble lambs enjoying the Spring sunshine



A coloured mix of ewes and lambs



Beautiful views with a backdrop of the Preseli Hills


Berkshire sow at feed time



Zwartble ewe and twin lambs at the lick bucket


A constant supply of daffodils from the garden





A drizzly day and this Greyface Dartmoor lamb takes shelter!



Gotland triplets just born



Gotland ewe close up


Gotland twin lambs



Berkshire newborn litter today





Keeping nice and warm and cosy!



Goats out to play


..... along with some piglets!



....... and our 2 billies


Anglo-Nubian goat kids born this morning



.... while older kids look on



Wonderful Easter sunsets


 Born this morning, our last lamb for this year





Anglo-Nubian goat kids out for their first time



This one finds it all a bit too much!



Mum keeping a close watch



Looking a bit tired from all the excitement


Chickens waiting at feed time


Primroses in the hedgerow



Daffodils in the garden



Flowering blackcurrant and gorse



Forget me nots and celandines



More daffodils


View from the kitchen door




Sunset. Going, going, gone


At the milk bar!




Anglo-Nubian goats enjoying being outside



First swallows of Spring - returning at exactly the same time as last year





Berkshire piglets enjoy being outside





..... and the Anglo-Nubian goats







..... and the ewes with their lambs



Chickens at feed time



Colourful Anglo-Nubian goats in the sunshine


Around the Garden


Flowering blackcurrant and gorse





Wonderful yellow flowers



Garden borders come to life


Splash of colour



Wild plants



Trees have come to life



beautiful blossoms



Primroses everywhere



Miniature daffodils





.... and don't forget the rhubarb!





Light Sussex hen



Guinea Fowl and Lavender Pekin



Berkshire piglets up to mischief!



Lambs and piglets playing together





Friendly Gotland lambs



More sheep photos




.... and of course our Anglo-Nubian goats


In the Garden


.... a mixture of plants





.... and wild flowers


...... and a different kind of pig!



Gotlands mountaineering



with Zwartbles lower down





... and here are the Woolly bunch!



Gotland ewe


These Zwartble/X/Texels know the quad means food!


Dorset Down ewe lamb


May - The best time for the hedgrows! 






Colour with wild flowers



Solomons Seal



The first of the wild strawberries


Bracken growing fast



...... and leaves emerging with their own elegance


Rhododendron in full bloom





Newly shorn sheep join their mates!