Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2015



Looking through the Ash tree!



Hopping into the goat pen - beautiful markings on this Silver Laced Wyandotte







Anglo-Nubian goat kid enjoying the sunshine



More Anglo-Nubians



Look at those ears!



Anglo-Nubian goatlings having a rest, and one that is making a break for it!



Gotland ewes and lamb





..... and these Gotlands are hand sheared





Back in the garden



.... and the polytunnel



Sasso chicks at 2 days



Berkshire litter hours old



The Weigela always puts on a show


Garden borders



Wonderfully intricate flower







Lots to see in the hedgerow



Down the lane






...... and Bluebells





Hay fields are growing nicely



This rose changes colour and is a mixture of yellow, orange and red


Spot the Chaffinch fledglings in the honeysuckle



        Holly "Can I come in?"                   Tash "Anyone coming out to play?"


Bees in the Honeysuckle





Around the garden



More rhubarb pie


Double yoke eggs are always special





These Swallow fledglings will soon be leaving



More garden blooms



Foxgloves down the lane and blackberry flowers a reminder of the wonderful black fruit to come



Fledgling Swallows have found their wings


Summer has arrived



Weather changed back to Winter and time for lamb cawl with dumplings!


Home made elderflower champagne with goats cheese and chives


Anglo-Nubian billy checking out some Berkshire weaners






more flegling Swallows


Plenty of beans in the polytunnel


Pig planter



Tash wanting to play as always!


Wonderful colour


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Rare Breed sheep at Cardigan Show





Anglo-Nubian goats out to play



Swallows starting to line up for an early departure?


Dramatic sunset



A late first cut



Hydrangea and Buddleia in the garden



This Buddleia is a magnet for butterflies and bees



More garden colour


Baler broke so trailering loose hay away!


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Pembrokeshire Show



Berkshire litter of 12, born yesterday evening



We have been missing our sunsets recently



Mist rising from the valley