Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2015


Tash wants to go out and play



The turkeys are looking good





Anglo-Nubian goat kids and Mums


Chocolate Yule Log



The goats get in the Christmas spirit!



Very early Primroses!


We are out there digging for gold right now!


New born Berkshire piglets



Not snow but hail! ......



......... followed by clear blue skies





First lamb of the year


.... and this is Mum, a Dorset Down





And here we have our first Dorset Down ewe lamb


A Dorset Down ewe due to lamb any day now





These piglets are being hand reared now on goats milk





..... more lamb pics



Slabs of back and belly pork


.... mix some salt soft brown sugar and honey



..... rub in well


Vac packed and in fridge to cure





New born Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Slicing and vac packing streaky bacon


Early daffodils this year




The early lambs enjoy being out



Hens are back laying after their Winter go slow!


Elderflower champagne saved from last Summer



Shepherd's Pie



Getting ready for Easter - first attempt at home made egg



..... and more food - crumpets with butter


More signs of an early Spring



Snowdrops and Primroses      








.... and back to livestock



Two orphan lambs doing well



Anglo-Nubian goat kids


Full moon tonight



.... followed by glorious blue skies



Spring and Sunshine!