Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2016

Spring colour in the hedgerow


Greyface Dartmoor lamb



Zwartble kambs being topped up!


Fast asleep



Anglo-Nubian goat kid born today



.... and now Zwartble Cross triplets early this morning





..... followed a little later by Gotland quads!!


...... followed by Zwartble Cross twins





Our first Wensleydale lambs - twins


The Zwartble camp!



Zwarble Cross triplets



Enjoying the haylage



Anglo-Nubian goat kid born yesterday


Greyface Dartmoor ewe and lamb just hiding!



Wensleydale ewe and twin lambs


Two of the Gotland quads



Views of the Preseli Hills in a welcome lull in wet and windy weather



Greyface Dartmoor Mum and lamb



Corriedale twin lambs





Sunset at the end of a beautiful Spring day





Ewes and lambs get ready to go out



Time to meet up with old friends







Two lots of twin Zwartble Cross lambs


We think Spring has properly arrived!










Colourful banks



Treble daffodils?






Wonderful colour of crocuses



Corriedale twin lambs




Zwartble lambs taking it easy!



.... and more on the other side of the feeder





More Zwartble lambs



Greyface Dartmoor ewe lamb just born



Black and White twin lambs


Welcome Spring sunshine



Wensleydale ram lamb born this morning



Two of the Gotland quads who are being hand reared



Greyface Dartmoor lamb



Greyface Dartmoor ram lamb born this morning



Gotland ewe lamb born this morning



Wonderful home made Hot Cross Buns



Yellow and Pink Primsoses




Ewes and lambs enjoying the sunshine



Synchronised Zwartbles



Hedgehogs out of hibernation





Anglo-Nubian goat kids out in the sunshine


Mum and kid


In for a close-up






Beautiful colours



Two or three heads are better than one!




Gotland triplets a few hours old



Zwartble ewes





A very mixed bunch of breeds





More Spring activity - Forsythia and Bluebells



First Swallows portent of Summer?

These Swallows arrive at the same time each year within a day or two



Tash looking attentive



Chickens on lookout at feeding time





Mixture of fleeces





Back and Streaky bacon cured, sliced and packed ready for freezer



Flowering Blackcurrant



Daffs still blooming





New arrival - Lemon Pekins


Ayelsbury Duck eggs in the incubator



Gotland lamb



Moon rise - Sun set