Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2016


Exploring the garden


From the front ....



...... round the back



..... through to the other side







..... and back round to the front




Out in the lane


More Garden Pics



New gazebo



Rhubarb and Gooseberries looking good


Just in case we have a drought!



Yellow and Purple


Goats rushing in at feed time












Anglo-Nubian billy goats and kids


Lemon Pekin Bantams



Berkshire weaners


Cappacino cake





In the garden


Ducks hatching



Sasso chicks and spot the odd three out!



Anglo-Nubian goat kids just born


One day old



Outside the garden wall





In the hedgerow



Gooseberries nearly ready but a bit if a wait for the plums!



A relaxing meal in the garden



Colourful pot plants



Goats and horses enjoying the sunshine





More garden photos - the lilac smells divine!





New paths down to summer house



Mauve colour in the garden





These pot plants always make me smile


Clear skies after a few cloudy days



More food!  A 'Lumberjack' Cake and a soon to be Gooseberry Pie


.... and look at this amazing pork crackling



Lovely Mousaka






Coloured evening  skies


A mixture of breeds!







Coloured Ryeland



Greyface Dartmoors 






Devon and Cornwall Longwools










More Gotlands



Greyface Dartmoors in the shade





Dorset Down



Crossbred mix



Hiding in the grass


Honeysuckle growing back after painting shed in Spring





Wet felting





14 Berkshire piglets born this morning



Cut and turning

Two early bales - spot the difference!



Need more sunshine before we can bale this!





Go for large bales rather than wait for better weather!



All wrapped and safe!



Fledgling Swallows


Click here for Slideshow

Cardigan Show


Can't wait to try this rhubarb vodka!





Good to see sunsets again


Fledgling Swallows still around





More fledgling Swallows


Sky on fire!





...... and more sunsets



Outdoors, Hydrangea


Indoors, orchid



Early morning mist


and sunset!



Butterflies on Buddleia