Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2017





More life appearing in the gardens


New born Anglo-Nubian twins


New born Anglo-Nubian kid



Earlier kids growing fast



Our first lambs this year - Gotland twins


Ewes still to lamb


..... and this one is thirsty!



Second lambing - more twin Gotlands




Daffs and Snowdrops abound



Forsythia and Flowering Blackurrant



Heather in full colour



Leicester Longwool lamb



Another Gotland twin lambs





Leicester Longwool twin lambs


Molly lambs cuddling up!



Twin Leicester Longwool lambs



Greyface Dartmoor lamb


Happy 1st Day of Spring



Daffodils and primroses in the lane



.... and settled skies and sunset



.... and lambs enjoying the sunshine


Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs






Anglo-Nubian goats coming back at feed time



Hazy sunset



Suffolk cross twin lambs



Greyface Dartmoor twin lambs





Twin Corriedale lambs


At last we can start letting lambs out in field opposite house





Greyface Dartmoor



Suffolk cross



Leicester Longwool


Still waiting to go out





Greyface Dartmoor ewe with lamb playing King of the Castle!



Creche and one lamb just too exhausted





Time for some Gotland lambs to go out



Indoors we have twin Greyface Dartmoor/Corriedale/Gotland lambs


Twin Corriedale lambs to go to creche


Twin Greyface Dartmoor lambs soaking up the welcome sun







More and more ewes and lambs appearing



Two 'Molly' Wenseydale lambs


Gorse in full bloom


Tour round the gardens now that Spring has arrived

 - a wet Winter leaves muddy tracks! 



Upper level



Down to lower level



Fruit trees and raspberry and blackcurrant canes



Gooseberry bush and Rhubarb


Early Bluebells?



Lovely Celandines



Down past polytunnel



.... to lower level and Summer House


Primroses still thriving


.... and a lovely Spring Sunset





This little Greyface Dartmoor lamb loves 'surfing' on Mum!


Back to more colour in the garden





Summer House gets a Spring paint


View of the Preselis from the Summer House







Run up to feed time


Mome made Hot Cross Buns!



First Swallow arrives in feed room





Start of this years shearing







Goats of every shade and colour!



Top garden






Down to the Summer House



Peep through to lower garden







Apple Blossom



... and back to side garden





Rhododendron coming into flower


Swallows still everywhere


Looks like we will be having plenty of Gooseberries



Already picking and eating rhubarb!







Beautiful mauves



This multi coloured rose in bud



New chicken house in walk in run



Day old Sasso chicks








Delphinium and Weigela



Lilac - wonderful scent