Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Spring 2018

Happy St Davids Day


More snow in March





Off to find water trough with snow drift nearly burying it





Sheep venturing from feed troughs



These are tucking into their haylage





A short hike to deliver haylage to these rams



Anglo-Nubian goat kids born this morning







Snowdrops everywhere!



6 day old Lucifer out with Mum Belair





Nice to see the hedgerow showing some Spring colour



From snow to rain to Spring sunsets





Day old Anglo-Nubian triplets



Lovely colour from these crocuses



Another covering of snow and rams glad of their haylage





Pip enjoys wrestling with a stick in the snow



Lucifer is 2 weeks old now and out having fun with Mum


The Berkshire piglets snug in their ark





These Anglo-Nubian kids off for disbudding




Goat kids enjoying playing out in the sunshine




Worn out now!


Beautiful colour



Twin Anglo-Nubian kids born today


This goose egg just about fits on the bread!



Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday



We save a breast from our home reared Christmas Turkey
in the freezer for Easter, and it looks, carves and tastes wonderful
(Try that with a supermarket bird!)



Easter sunsets


Latest Anglo-Nubian goat kid



Colour of Spring



Ducks lazing on the pond





These Berkshire piglets up to mischief !




More colour in the garden


These have to be the flowers of Spring



Loads of primroses on this bank





Lovely light this evening



These Hedgerows will soon be 'greening up'



Goat kids out in the sunshine



Back inside for a rest


Berkshire piglets

Our first Swallow today ( nearly 2 weeks later this year )



Tash wants someone to play with her !


This gooseberry bush already looking good


Bluebells in the garden ......



.... and in the hedgerow



Sun setting over the Preseli Hills







These sheep being rounded up for shearing



Goats looking on






..... and more sheep for shearing



Shearing time



Back out in the sunshine


Garden looks tidy with lawn cut


Rhododendron coming into flower



.... and now in full bloom





Apple Blossom





Colourful leaves


Rhubarb is late this year



Gooseberries                        Blackcurrants



The lane hedges are all looking green now





Hedgerow flora




Speading lime on this hay field


Still using Christmas turkey, this time in a pie


Sunsets are moving further round now



Laburnam in flower


Anglo-Nubian goat pics




Latest addition - still to be named







Lots of black and white spotted kids




Mum and daughter at a lick bucket


Bacchus - our senior  Billy





Anubis - our junior Billy


Some of the gang together


.... and a few sheep



...... some Berkshire weaners



.... and of course Pip



Just check no one's watching



...... go for it!


10 years today when we first moved here



2008                -                 2018



Still a wonderful secluded spot down by the stream





Yellow laburnam and Mauve rhododendron



Aquilegia everyewhere



London Pride and Pink Campion



Bluebells on the walk up to do the pigs water