Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Winter 2018

A wonderful litter of 10 Berkshire piglets born this morning







.... and 2 hours later


Now for some sheep!


Fresh straw in the field shelter



Teeswater and Wensleydale



Tom our Zwartble cross



'120' - This Suffolk cross ewe has been with us forever


Bluefaced Leicesters



Leicester Longwools



Lincoln Longwools



Dorset Down lambs - 1 single ram and 1 set of twins





Christmas lights are up



Preparing home reared turkey



.... with home made sausage meat stuffing


..... and chocolate Yule Log to follow!



Wishing you all a Happy Christmas




A New Year with a New Puppy - 'Tig'





Welcome to Glynelwyn 'Tig'


'Tig' looks up to 'Pip'



Showing her round



What are we waiting for 'Pip'?


Another tiring day!


Every year there seems to be primroses nearly all the time





Bracken, our Berkshire sow, out with her piglets





At last another great sunset





First snow of the year



Snow still on high Preseli peaks



Dew on moss



Snowdrops and Daffs taking a long time to fully open


Colour to the evening skies



Pretty crocuses



Primroses spreading on this bank





Looks like an early Spring





These Berkshire weaners grow by the minute!




Horses out in welcome sunshine


Duck on a woodpile


Logstore in the sun


Serene sunset