Welcome to GLYNELWYN - a smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn - Photos


Summer 2020

Around the gardens



Wild Flowers













Trees coming into leaf





Swallows back for Summer



Mountain Cornflower





Further down the lane



Colour in the garden


Aquilegia outside the workshop



Young Anglo-Nubian goat kid twins





More flowers coming out






Laburnum and Purple Rhododendron






Apples and blackcurrants on their way



Purple colours      



Multi-coloured rose


Wild Strawberries



Streaky bacon cured and vac-packed



Gooseberry pie at last


and Elderflower cordial and gin!



First Back Bacon vac-packed



Gorgeous scent of honeysuckle and lilac





Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral butterfies on the lilac





We have our barn painted







Roses outside in the lane


Ash tree behind house


Mist in the valley




Colour outside the feed room


Making Haylage






Hayfield cut





Turned Day 1



Turned Day 2



Turned Day 3






Rowed and Baled Day 4



Stacked and Netted