A smallholding in South West Wales

Glynelwyn About Us

Mandy and Derek

What started as grazing and stabling for our horses on West Sussex Downland, went through some changes since we began with total dedication to competing in horse driving trials, both at club and national level.

First came a few chickens near the stables, and this soon led to a few sheep to assist with grazing.

Then came the pygmy goats, Winkie, Poppy and Smudge. Unfortunately, they prefer to stay nice and dry in their house rather than foraging where we want them to. Each time we put them in a field, they jump out and come down to the yard!

We then added to the flock of sheep, concentrating on rare breeds, Soay and Castlemilk Moorits, all wethers and purely for 'mowing'.

However, we then thought it would be good to get a few ewes and rear our own lambs. We were self sufficient in eggs from the chickens, but were obtaining meat from friends who had rare breeds, so the next obvious step was to have our own.

We first bought in some Cheviot x ewes with lambs at foot (for the freezer), and then hired a Suffolk ram to put to them.

A brief foray into purchasing some Dexter cattle, however, proved to be a step too far when the owner was unable to load them in our trailer. But how exactly we started on pigs I am not quite sure ..... it just happened!

It coincided with a year off from horse competitions and a bit more time to do other things. The first step was to obtain some Welsh weaners to rear for meat, and along with these came 2 Kune Kune pigs, Barley and Marble, as 'pets', who have a very happy existence with us.

Next along were some Saddlebacks and then the Gloucester Old Spots, one of which was kept to breed from. Having settled on the Gloucesters we also added Berkshires to our herd of rare breed pedigrees.

And so the start of a highly addictive attachment to pigs ...........

We have also started to grow vegetables and produce country wines, and what started as a 'hobby' has now turned into more of a dream of our own 'Good Life'.

All that was left was to find somewhere idyllic to fulfill our dream, and we have now found our paradise in S. W. Wales at Glynelwyn.

Mandy and Derek

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