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Glynelwyn News - 2024



Our goat herd has taken a bit of a bashing this past 12 months. I rather hoped 2024 would bring about some good news. However, yet another curved ball landed and we lost, very suddenly on Saturday evening, our stunning buck 'Kaverquil Feenix'.
It was a bizarre and very quick deterioration. He was as right as rain Friday evening but refused breakfast Saturday morning. He looked and acted perfectly normal. By noon, he was a little quiet so I wormed him.
At 4pm he was looking decidedly not himself and I noticed what looked like parts of intestine in his bed. His temp was 38°. He had a very wet tail. Rang the emergency vet who got to me about 6pm.
She was somewhat mystified too but her "best guess" was worms. Lots of meds and 500 ml of warm electrolytes drenched into him, as his temp had dropped to 36.7°. I also rugged him up.
She left at about 7pm. Very sadly, he deteriorated quickly and was gone by 9.30pm.
I still think something mysteriously ruptured inside him but why, where, how, we have no idea.
His last kids are due end of Feb and beginning of March. Run free Feenix

Fenix and family 

class="scalable" Little coloured Ryeland "Sweetpea", who is now about 12 years old (and only comes up to my knee) tucking into a bit of Christmas Tree, whilst the goats aren't about.






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